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Tiger Martial Arts, LLC is a family owned training facility that teaches the Korean art of Hapkido, and has been in business in Ascension Parish for over 6 years. Hapkido is a Korean Style Martial Art that redirects the attacker's force back upon them while utilizing a combination of joint locks, pressure points, strikes, and pain compliance. Tiger Martial Arts is located in Dutchtown, LA, and is easily accessible to anyone in Ascension Parish, and the South Baton Rouge area.

Hapkido is a creative art that combines the power of the mind, body and spirit. This art teaches joint locking, leverage, pressure points, and pain compliance, making this art excellent for women, children, law enforcement, and anyone else who is interested in learning an extremely powerful art of pure self defense. We start with the basics and work up toward teaching students how to react to sudden attacks. For our advanced students, we teach a variety of weapon techniques.

Our Black Belt instructors have over 60 years of combined Martial Arts training. We regularly post our activities and promotions on Facebook, so be sure to click the Facebook icon above to view posted pictures, updates, and what’s going on in our school! We invite you to call 225-673-6391 for more information and free introductory lessons.

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